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CFF exists to support the ministries of its members.  The emphasis is placed on sharing Christ with men and women through service, love, meeting needs and explaining the good news of the gospel in ways that people can understand.  To that end, each member is encouraged to see forestry and natural resource work as a ministry and the people they work with as unique individuals whom God loves and wishes to bless. In addition, fellowship among believers in natural resource work is promoted.  Ministries of members may take the form of:



Our hope is that this website will serve as a contact point for foresters from all around the world. We seek to find ways that foresters can minister to other foresters and to help people everywhere appreciate forests as Godís gift to mankind. Surely there are ways we can join together to further the spread of the good news that Jesus Christ has made a way for us to know God personally and eternally. Certainly we can pray for each other! Perhaps we can even find ways to join together in short term mission projects that will help people understand and utilize their forests wisely to meet needs. Letís see what God has in mind for us!
Please write us and share your ideas and comments!

May God Bless You and Prosper You Just As Your Soul Prospers,

Dr. Dennis (Denny) Lynch